I grew up in my dad's garage. When I was a kid I would fix and wreck anything I could. I learned how to ride a motorcycle and shortly after my brother showed me how to take off on his xr 250 with it on its kickstand because I wasn't tall enough and I had to jump off and run along side it to stop. I had an 83 Cutlass with a motor out of a pulling truck and open headers and no hood. My mom got pulled over in it and chewed out the cop because she knew he thought it was me. I got 5 tickets at once in it for practicing flat track drifting on the country roads south of Stillman.


My first car was a 1971 VW beetle  that my brother gave me when I was 10. I got it running somehow and use to do burnouts in front of my parents house with it. My brother taught me how to drive his jeep in a field at his friends house when I was 5 (it was a stick) he also put together my first junkyard bike when I was 3 or 4 and as soon as I rode it everyone went inside and I took it to the garage and took off the training wheels without anyone knowing.



I built my first race engine in my room at the age of 15. I built it inside my parent's house upstairs because our garage wasn't heated and it took 3 people to get it out when it was finished. It's still in the car and I still have the car.


I worked and raced motocross at Byron Motorsports Park. When I was 17 I took my dad's old off road race car from the 70's and got it running and began racing it. I had the first import drag car with my 77 VW Rabbit that was an ex road race car that I built. It had a stroked 1.6 with side draft carbs and bracket raced it at Byron around 1991. It ran a solid 14.0. I kept working up the ranks in off road racing until I got a brake and mortgaged everything I had to buy a pro lite Toyota. I raced that on the pro circuit. I have raced motocross, go carts, SCCA, CORR Off Road, I have a full comp SCCA license, I am a Skip Barber graduate, and have drag raced extensively.